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! Genuine Roman coins at a discount price !

Our offers:
- Uncleaned Roman coins (our major import)
- Cleaned Roman coins
(sold as single coins on request)
- Denarii
(Roman silver coins)

Please see my current ebay auctions (include many good coins at bargain prices)

Note: The cleaned Roman coins and the denarii are from a different source than that of the uncleaned Roman coins. This way I can ensure that they are not picked! And also, this is the only way that I can offer uncleaned coins of this quality.

Roman Denarii(*from 13,50 Euro each)
prices/delivery costs

On this website you can purchase very beautiful cleaned Roman AR-Denarii (silver coins!) from 13,50 each. In case you are dubious: I guarantee that these denarii are absolutely genuine! They are at least 1500 years old!

They are from the Roman Imperial era. (approx. 100 B.C. to 450 A.D.). The quality is very good. I can guarantee that the sales lots are totally unpicked by myself.
In ancient times the coins were designed and struck by hand, every coin being struck using a die on white hot metal. As a result, all the coins are unique, because of the die and its amount of wear, the temperature of the metal, the centering of the die on the metal and the strength applied to the actual striking.

Source of the denarii
The coins come from places such as Sirmuim (region of Sremska Mitrovica in Serbia). There were no banknotes in those days and the only banking system (a very basic system offered almost exclusively to the ruling classes) and so all transactions were made in cash (= coins). These were often buried in the cellar, beneath trees, next to local landmarks such as aquaducts and bridges. When the owner died (many of the owners were soldiers sent off to serve elsewhere), the coins were forgotten. Today, nearly 2,000 years later they are being found using electronic means and you can buy them.

Market value and identifying the denarii
The coins can be identified either using a website e.g. (, a book (e.g. by David Sear or David VanMeter) or using auction catalogs which can often be bought quite cheaply on ebay. The general value, or value class is often given in books, as well as on although the values given in books older than 3-4 years old (which gives values from $15-$10,000) can no longer be fully relied upon, due to the number of hoards currently being found. Normal values these days for denarii are between $50 and $200 for nice examples. Beautiful Roman denarii are rare!

What do Roman denarii look like?

The following scans shows beautiful denarii: e.g. of Balbinus, Gordianus I, Marcus Aurelius, Severus...

Why Roman coins are a good investment
Roman coins have been collected for about the last 100 years. Before 1960 there were very few found and these were mostly sent to museums, and so it was extremely difficult for collectors to get hold of them. But once electronics came to the assistance of detectory, the export began to grow. At first they came from Yugoslavia, the Lebanon, and, as Communism ended and borders were re-opened, also from Eastern Europe, where they were found in huge numbers and exported. The prices at first were lower than they are today because of the sheer numbers being found.

During that time there were a few people who earned a lot of money by buying millions of coins on spec, as it were and simply putting them into storage. Amongst these people were some US soldiers serving in Bosnia after the civil war there who smuggled huge numbers of cheap coins into the US when they returned home.

The past few years has seen a slight increase in price (also in view of inflations). Recently there has been the threat of a shortage because less and less coins are now being found and so the prices are going up. There will always be a demand for Roman coins but it is very likely that soon there will be no more large numbers available. When that time arrives the prices will rise sharply because there is no longer the supply to fill the demand. That is when the hamsters will begin to draw from the coins they have feretted away and sell them at high prices. And when those have been sold, the price will take another jump upwards.

You still have the chance of buying uncleaned Roman coins at a sensible and acceptable price. The assurance that these make a good investment comes from the fact that their value will increase faster than inflation.

Prices / Postage / Payment

1-5 pcs.

15,00 Euro ea.

6-19 pcs.

14,25 Euro ea.

über 20 pcs.

13,50 Euro ea.

Under certain circumstances, regular customers receive a special discount and are informed of special offers.

The prices above are for uncleaned Roman coins. Please contact me for larger quantities. Orders for 50 coins or more receive a couple of bonus coins.
Postage basically costs 3.00 Euro within Europe (International: 4.50 Euro) until 101 coins. For orders of more than 100 coins, there are some additional postage Euros, dependent of the amount bought and their weight. Registered post costs 3,50 Euro more, and insurance costs an addition 5.00 Euros (no matter how high the quantity). Coins to D, CH and AT are guaranteed customs free. Your order will be filled and sent within 24 hours of receiving your payment and it should take 1-3 days to reach customers in Europe, 5-7 days to reach customers in the USA, a little more to Canada and about a week longer to Australia and New Zealand. Coins are sent in a bubble bag in order to minimize damage in the post.

I normally ask for payment in advance. On special request I can send the coins before payment is received, especially for very large quantities in which case I use a fiduciary (trustee) whose fee we would share, in order to maximise security. I accept the following methods of payment: PayPal, Bank transfer to my bank accounts in Switzerland or Germany, cash in a (registered) letter, by Check, by c.o.d. or in cash should you wish to pick up the coins in person. Other methods could be discussed if you require.

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